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Most of the time, freebet come up when you are choosing a bookmaker. Because there are so many of them, they have to compete for customers. One way they entice new people to sign up with them is by using the incentives we know as freebets and bonuses.

As always, many people rush to get freebets. However, they are not as free as you may imagine. There is always a catch that you should know about. It is not in our place to assume that you cannot handle a freebet offer but; we have to let you know what it entails.


The freebet is a portion of the money that a bookmaker will put in your account and allow you to bet on particular markets or specific bets. The freebet differs from a regular bet in a few ways. If the best is a loss, you will lose nothing.

Besides this, wherein a regular win you would get your money back and profit, in the freebets, you just get the profit.

Every bookmaker worth their claims will have a promotions page that contains offers. Among them, you will find freebets. Now, we have done all the hard work for you. This page is all about leading you to the reliable and proven freebets offers.

One of the betting tips we give is always to use a promotion if it seems legitimate and does not contain any tricky parts.

How FreeBets Works?

When you sign up with a new bookmaker, you will most likely find that they have these offers of freebets. Unfortunately, some of these bookies will not let you withdraw the bonus until you have bet the full amount equal to the bonus several times and with set minimum odds.

Is it possible that you can create a sure bet and make the best of your freebets and bonuses? Well, let’s find out how they work first before we get into any other details. To understand how most of the offers work, let us use a free bet case study or scenario to put this point across easily.

Let’s call our Bookmaker ‘The Mandalorian’

Let’s say that The Mandalorian has a free bet offer of $25 for new customers. When you closely look at this offer, you find that in the terms and conditions; they include a catch. Place a bet with your own money that must have at least one selection with odds of at least 2.00, except for four-folds or greater.

They will then match that bet with the free bet of up to $25. What they are saying here is that you have to bet with your own money before they can give you anything. With the 2.00 odds or greater, the chances of winning are under 50%.

FreeBet: Good or Bad

Well, the answer to this question depends on who is giving you the freebet. Some people legitimately offer you money to start with like that, but most of the terms and conditions contain clauses that need you to bet with your own money before you can access the promo money.

Freebets can be bad for you only if you do not read the terms and conditions. They usually ask you to match the bookmaker’s investment with your own money and they may sometimes steer you into making a loss or doing something that might not be profitable for you.

With the example of The Mandalorian's $25, you might have to make four bets with the same amount and end up using $100 before you can get the freebet amount of $25.

The thing is, not all the bookmakers are out to get you. That is the reason we have reviews to tell you what they are like. If you know what the market thinks about them, you may make informed decisions and in that way, keep your money.

The More The Money, The More The Conditions

The larger the freebet, the more you will need to do before you can get your hands on it. Some bookmakers may have large freebets that can reach $250. This is usually not a gift for you. Chances are that you will need to place a bet of $50 so the bookmaker can match it and then place four more bets of $50 to get a second freebet of the same amount.


After five $50 bets, you might have to do these ten times and spend $1000 to get that $250 promised you.

There is always a catch. The best way to go around this is to make sure bets that will ensure you do not lose money. Freebets seem less like a good way to make money and more like an easy way to lose money.

If you are an experienced betting expert, you can try using freebets. However, if you feel you have limited knowledge about how this works, you would do well to only use the freebets in places where the terms and conditions are straightforward about what they require of you.

Our Selections

We make the selections of freebets based on who is offering them and what customers say about the bookie. As a precaution, we advise that all the customers who consult this website, be careful when using the freebets and bonuses.

The best way to make sure you do not lose money is to avoid freebets that need you to stake more than you stand to gain, to get them. Human error is something else we think you should always avoid. Trip check your entries to make sure you have entered everything correctly.

It would be painful to have all the right bets and then enter the wrong things and end up losing your freebets money, learn about matched betting.

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