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What Our Goal Is:

From the beginning of our journey, we bear the intention to turn into one of the most reliable sources of online Betting Reviews. is the website where you will get the best review online. We believe that we can help you reach your goal with no barriers on the way.

However, in the process of making your journey more comfortable, there should be a firm establishment of some policies. It will not only guarantee your safety, but also we can be clear from our side as well.

Here are our terms of privacy policy:

We Need To Collect Your Data For Some Reason; Here Is Why:

Your privacy is our highest concern. You can be sure that Top Betting Review is the most reputable and professional Forex Reviewer Online. We need to know specific details about you to understand how you are interacting with our website. Here is why we need it:

When visitors visit our website, they knowingly or unknowingly consent to our privacy policies. But we guarantee you that there is nothing to be afraid of.

It is our goal to give users an excellent user experience when they visit our website. Hence, we need to keep track of certain information such as your email address, IP address, your screen preferences on our site, etc. This is why we use cookies to get a hold of this information.

What Information We Collect About You:

We take help of cookies or our spam detection service to gather and safe mark your information on our website. Here is what we gather about you:We track your IP address using the email address you leave behind on our website. This is necessary to know which country you are from.

Cookies will help us to know which pages on our website are most visited. By doing so, we can attract more viewers and in the meantime update the contents of that page with more interesting ones.

Cookies will also tell us how long you were present on individual pages of our website. This will help us to improve our page statistics, even to get aware if there is any content that is not favorable to many.

We will also track whether this is the first time you are visiting our site or if you have visited our site several times before.

We need to make sure that when you fill a request through our contact us form, your inquiry gets proper response and our proper service. This is why we need to enlist your ID and email address to get back to you any time sooner.

Where Do We Share Your Data?

This is strictly against our policy to share any of the information we collect about you to other third parties. We care about your safety, and this is our primary goal.

Other Embedded Contents That We Are Not Responsible For:

Embedded contents act like the websites from where the administrator brings them. The visitor will feel that they are actually visiting the other site the moment they interact with these embedded contents.

These websites, however, can collect your data. They can use cookies to embed third-party tracking, monitor your involvement with their content in case you log in to those websites.

How Long Do We Keep Your Data:

We can keep your data as long as it seems necessary to us. However, if you have a membership on our website and you decide to cancel it, we are bound to remove anything that is related to you or which may harm your privacy.

Rights You Have Over Your Data:

We are the information provider, not the information holder. With us, you have the liberty to ask or get an overview of the data we collect about you. Here is what you can do:

Request A Copy Of Your Data:

You can request a copy of the information we currently hold about you. To do so, fill our contact us page and wait till we get back to you.

To Entirely Remove Your Data:

You can also ask for deleting your data including your profile from our website. We will be obliged to give you the favor.

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