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SportsBet Review 2024


SportsBet Review 2024

sportingbetSportsbet is the most recognized betting brand among punters. In this review find all about sportingbet, sportbet, horse racing today, sportsbet app and more. Sportsbet was founded in 1993 and has been in operation in the Australian market for over 25 years now. In Australia, Sportbet is the most recognized betting brand among punters. Sportingbet, as it is sometimes called, was bought in 2005 by Matthew Trip for $250,000.

The man was, at the time, a small bookmaker from Darwin. At the time, the online betting boom was in motion, and Sportsbet grew exponentially because of that. Face-to-face bookies were in decline, which contributed to the growth of Sportsbet and other online sports betting site at the time.

In 2009, the Irish Paddy Power bookmaker agreed to a 51% acquisition (valued at around $200 million) for Sportsbet. In 2011, they bought the remaining stake in Sportsbet and were the full owners of the company for a price totaling $338.

At the moment, Sportsbet is one of the biggest online sports betting companies operating in Australia.

Sportsbet is usually seen in the media advertising horse racing, horse racing tips, horse racing betting, and other kinds of bets you can make on the platform. They have some of the most unusual online sports betting promotions.

Back in 2009, they paid out all the bets on Federer to win Wimbledon before the tournament even started. They also paid out the bets on England for a win in the Ashes Series after Day One of the 3rd Ashes test.

At any given time, you will find Sportingbet offering promotions. They also have free to enter competitions that include the NRL and AFL million-dollar tipping.

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Licensing and Funds Security

When signing up with a betting company, it is always good to know that they are licensed and that if something happens, you will still get your money. Sportsbet is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government and the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice.

So yeah, they are a site that you can trust with your funds. They have a DigiCert secure certificate that will allow you to process all the transactions safely and securely using their website.

Not many of the online sports betting bookmakers can reach the level of security that Sportsbet has. The level of protection here uses an SSL encryption for their website. They have done everything to prove that you can trust them with your money.

Another way to know that Sportsbet can be trusted is that they have partnered with so many sporting organizations. Some of these include Australian Rugby and Cricket Australia. They have a reputation that shows you can trust them with your money.

Sportsbet is also a member of the Australian Wagering Council that actively ensures all the members encourage gambling responsibly.

Signing Up for a Sportsbet Account

You will need to create an account with Sportingbet before you can get started. The process is usually easy for any online sports betting, and it is the same case with this company too. So, here are the steps you will follow so you can start betting in horse racing and get horse racing tips, among other promotions and opportunities.

sportingbet open an account

First Step

When you go to the Sportsbet website, you will see a lot of links saying ‘Join Now’ on the display page. All you have to do is click on one of these, and the registration will open for you.

Second Step

The registration page will want you to provide details about your name, date of birth, address, email, and phone numbers. You will have to choose a username and password, security question and then refer a friend using a unique code if you want to do that.

If you have questions or issues, you only need to click at the ‘Help’ button that is at the bottom of the page to get the answers to the questions you may have. There is a live chat service available to you if you want to be led through some of this.

Third Step

After you provide all this information, you will click on the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the screen, and you will be allowed to deposit funds into the account. The Sportsbet has limits that you can set so that you do not deposit more than you intend to.

There are several methods of depositing, but we will cover that subsequently in this review.

Sportsbet Promotions

The Sportsbet promotions are quite straightforward and sometimes odd, as we mentioned in the introduction to this review. Sportsbet have a welcome bonus and here are the details on that:


Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus or betting offers is a pretty good promotion. As a new player, you will get a free bet of the same value as the first bet you make at the site. It has a maximum of up to $100. The bonus bet is available for use to place on other bets on any of the markets provided.

welcome bonus, sportsbet,sportingbet,sportbet,horse racing,horse racing today

One catch, though, is that the winning bets will not have the stake returned. You will simply get the winnings. The bonus has to be used within two weeks and has a 1x rollover requirement. Compared to other bookmakers, Sportsbet is very favorable because of this low rollover requirement.

The welcome bonus cannot be used by residents of New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia or South Australia.

Other Promotions or Bonuses

The promotions you will find when using Sportingbet are not permanent most of the time, except for the welcome bonus. The only additional permanent bonus is the refer-a-friend bonus, where you will get $100 for every friend you refer to the site using a unique code provided when you sign up for the first time.

However, they have promotional events running through the site and offer Bonus Bet competitions on the site. They have a tipping section where you can compete with friends and receive tips from other gamblers who use the Sportingbet app.

Sportsbet Online sports betting on Mobile App

We need to talk about the Sportsbet mobile app experience for those who like to use the Sportsbet app on the go. You need to know that they have a dependable mobile app that you can use at any time with no issues and get the results that you want.

The customers of the Sportsbet app will have the option of downloading the mobile Sportsbet app from the Apple and Google store, respectively, for iOS and Android users. If you use a Windows or Blackberry phone, you will not have access to the Sportsbet app on mobile.

To get the pertinent questions out of the way, whether you use the website or Sportsbet app on mobile, the experience will be the same and just as great. In the Australian market, the Sportsbet app is considered one of the best betting mobile apps available.

You will be able to access all the latest promotions using the Sportsbet app and get horse racing news, horse racing tips, and do horse racing today. Horse racing betting is one of the biggest money-makers for Sportsbet and for a good reason.

The Sportsbet app is available for download from:

  • Google Play Store for Android
  • Available for iPad
  • Available for iPhone

There is something for everyone who wants to use the Sportsbet app on the go.

Deposit and Withdrawal on Sportsbet
  • Depositing

Funding the Sportsbet account is an easy and straightforward process that will only take a few steps, depending on the method you use. We will look at a few of the details necessary in this section for both the deposit and withdrawal processes.

deposit-and-withdrawal-bonus, sportsbet,sportingbet,sportbet,horse racing,horse racing today

You can find the account using any of the following methods:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Sportsbet Cash Card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bpay
  • Poli

If you want to get more details about the deposit methods. You can refer back to the Sportbet methods in the FAQ on their website.

When it comes to depositing to Sportsbet through Bank Transfer, you need to know some crucial details. You can do so using either National Australia Bank (Account: Sportsbet, BSB: 083-004 and account Number 47-272-7355) or the Commonwealth Bank (Account: Sportsbet, BSB: 063-010 and account Number: 12-210-557).

If you use the Sportsbet Cash Card are usually available instantly.

  • Withdrawal

Before withdrawal, you must always complete the customer verification process. Begin by clicking on the ‘My Account’ link and then ‘Verify Me.’ You will have to finish the 100-point identification check using the downloadable Certified Document Form.

You will only need to verify your identity once. After that, the withdrawal should only follow the following steps:

  • Click on ‘Withdraw’ at the top of the front page.
  • Choose the method of withdrawal you want to use
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Depending on methods, the withdrawal can take a few hours to a few days to be available to you.

If you have any concerns during the procedure, call customer support for help. They may not always be available. Check out the details on support in the section where we talk about customer support. Checking the time will help you avoid disappointments when you want to contact the Sportsbet customer service and maybe find that they are not available.

Markets Provided

Aside from getting things like UFC results, live streaming, or having access to stats for any of the games you will be following, Sportsbet will also give you great fixed odds on the horse racing betting. Not just that, some experts will provide you with horse racing tips for the races to help you bet better.

Markets-Provided, sportsbet,sportingbet,sportbet,horse racing,horse racing today

You will be able to bet on horse racing, which is a specialty, and other sports including:


As you will find out, there are many markets for you to bet on. The versatility is something that many punters appreciate and find convenient. Try the site today to see what they offer you.

Most of the sports you will find here are composed of things that punters from Australia and New Zealand find exciting. If you can make a deposit, you will be able to live stream the sports you like. A bet will also give you the same opportunity.

Sportsbet Cash Out Feature

Before we talk about the various methods of depositing money into the Sportsbet website and use it for online sports betting, let’s talk about how the Cash Outworks. Ever since Betfair and Betdaq were founded over a decade ago, punters liked that they could trade in their pre-match bets in-play.

In Sportsbet, Cash Out is the same premise. Let’s learn how it works.

When you place your bet, you will be offered a Cash Out amount. The return you are projected to get will be calculated based on the stake you have placed, the odds at the time you bet and the odds available at the moment of cashing out.

Let’s say you bet on Man City to beat Liverpool. Your bet on Man City pre-match odds was 1.75, and at half time, Liverpool has the lead over Man City, and the odds of City winning have dropped to 1.15. Sportsbet Cash Out allows you to settle the bet based on these current odds, taking less profit before the match ends.

This way, you get to protect yourself from a complete loss. All you have to do is press the button that says ‘Cash Out,’ and it is done.

NOTE:  You should know that all the bets you place using the Sportsbet app will be cashed out via the phone and not the desktop website. Likewise, some of the events do not have the Cash Out Symbol. You should always check to see if an event has the option before you bet to avoid any surprises.

The Sportsbet Cash card

cash-casrd, sportsbet,sportingbet,sportbet,horse racing,horse racing todayIn using Sportsbet, you will have access to something that they call the Sportsbet Cash Card that will allow you to access the winnings you get instantly from an ATM. You will also have the opportunity to use Sportingbet’s card for in-store purchases, just like with a regular EFTPOS card.

To get the Sportsbet Cash Card, you will need to have a Sportsbet account that is verified, be a resident of Australia and have address details that are correct and current. You will get the card ten days after you apply for it.

After you get the card, you will have to activate it. All you need to do is log into the Sportsbet account using the Sportsbet app or the website for online sports betting. You will have to enter the unique 9-digit activation code, and the card will be ready for use.

The maximum you can load into the card per transaction is $1,000, and it has a $3,000 daily limit and a maximum of $5,000 on the card at any given time. Withdrawal from an ATM has a maximum of $1,000 and a minimum of $20. The daily limit is $3,000.

Customer Support

Looking at the customer support offered by Sportbet will tell you right away that they are not very good at it, but they do have ways for you to get information if you want to. There is a live chat option, but it is not available 24/7.

To speak with someone using live chat will have to be between the hours of 71m and 12 am and 8 am and 9 pm on Sundays.

Support over the phone is limited too. You will only be able to get someone on the phone between the hours of 8 am , and 11 pm and between 9 am and 9 pm on Sundays. If you have questions, you may have to refer to something else like the FAQ section.

They may not be available on Live Chat and the phone all the time, but they do have a very comprehensive FAQ section that has answers to most of the questions that people usually have.

Our Verdict on Sportsbet

You do not have to look too far to find reasons why Sportsbet is one of the best Australian and New Zealand online sports betting websites. The selection of markets is extensive and contributes to this. They have regulations and responsible gambling to ensure that you are protected from adverse effects.



The welcome bonus is a good one, but they could add more bonuses that are a little more permanent than their intermittent gimmicks. The high level of security on the website is something that many users have applauded.

It is impossible to find reports of funds hold-ups and other mishaps in security because Sportsbet takes that kind of thing very seriously.

All in all, Sportsbet is one of the best companies you can use, especially if you live in New Zealand or Australia.

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